5 Tips On Choosing Signage Suppliers

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If you are a retail store owner and is constant doing store sales and promotion, then it is a must that you are in partnership with several sign suppliers in Dubai to provide you with constant stream of store signs to help you with your marketing.

Since your signage maker will play an important role in your store marketing, it is a must that you choose the right company to handle your account. Here are some tips to help you scout the right signage company:

  1. Check their portfolio


It is important for you to check your prospective partner’s portfolio to see what kinds of projects they accept and their design philosophy as well. It is crucial that the signage maker that you will choose have a design philosophy that is aligned with yours. When the two parties have similar design concept in mind, the conceptualization would be more fluid and easy.


  1. Know their reputation


Service delivery is important, especially when you are choosing a contractor or supplier. Be sure to get to know your prospective supplier better by finding out their standing in their industry. You can ask past and current client about how they deliver their service and has there been complaints that were not addressed. You need to know if you are dealing with a credible supplier since they will be responsible for your marketing collaterals.


  1. Check out their rates


In terms of rates and packages, what you need to check is whether their prices is of industry standards and it speaks of their product delivery. Pricey packages would mean that their outputs are outstanding and often meets and exceeds that client’s expectations. Although you may not see this on your initial meeting, you can do a test run to see if they are worth the money you are paying them.


  1. Know their other services


Nowadays, clients prefer to choose a contractor who can offer more in terms of service, than a supplier specializing in one field. Try to scout a signage maker who has a variety of graphic and printing services to offer to your company. You will never when you will be needing a rebranding service or a billboard design for your business.


  1. Ask about their order capacity


Urgent request and order are not uncommon to suppliers, but the question is if they can accommodate it despite their order capacity. Try to check whether a printing company can provide you with the collateral you need despite the tight schedule.

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