5 Simple Bedroom Updates That Can Spruce Up Personal Space

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Your bedroom is considered your personal space. A sanctuary where you can relax and be yourself. Given its importance, you need to ensure that it speaks volumes of your personality. If you find that your bedroom lacks the personal vibe that you are aiming for, here are some interior updates that might give it a brand new look:

  1. Change your headboard


The focal point of your bedroom is your bed. So once a person enter your personal space, the first thing that he/she will see is your bed and your headboard. So as much as possible, give it some character that speaks volumes about your personality. There are a lot of ways to do it. For one, you can customize the look of the headboard and get an expert carpenter or builder to get it done. You can also get one from furniture shop. Just be mindful of the size. Picking a headboard that is too small or too big might ruin the whole look of the space.


  1. Update your pillows

Changing and updating your pillows might be considered a small update but it can create a big impact in your bed space. Once in a while, try to spruce your bedroom pillows. Pick the ones that would complement the overall design of your room. But do not go for the design alone. Try to pick some pillows in Dubai that are comfortable to use. Keep in mind that the purpose of the pillows are to support your head and keep you comfortable all through the night.

  1. Add your personal embellishments


Since it is your bedroom, you have free reign to add whatever embellishment that you want. The best thing to do is to craft your own ornaments to give it a more personal look. Create simple but meaningful ornaments that can make the space look and feel alive.


  1. Keep it to a minimum


Although you have free reign to do as you please in designing your bedroom, you need to keep it simple and classy as much as possible. You need to remember that your bedroom is a place for resting, putting too many ornaments may distract you more and will affect your sleeping patterns. Try to keep it to a minimum.


  1. Rearrange your bedroom furniture


The easiest way to spruce up your bedroom is to rearrange your bedroom setting once in a while. But this can be a bit tricky. Be sure to not mess up the functionality of the space.

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