5 Things You Need To Do Before Recording

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Whether you are recording for a voice over narration for a documentary or a song for an album launch, it is important that you prepare your voice for a long recording session. Professional Indian voice over artists always go through a series of preparation to ensure that their voice would be ready for their recording session.


If you have an upcoming recording session, be sure to follow the following pointers:


  1. Get a full rest


Lack of snooze is not only bad for your body, but it will also have a negative effect on your voice. It can make your voice sound a little bit sluggish and sleepy as well. Be sure to get enough sleep a few days prior to your recording session. Try to make adjustments to your schedule to accommodate the recording session. And do not do anything that might strain your vocal chords.


  1. Drink water


Drinking lots of water can bring a number of benefits to your body, including clearing your throat and making your voice sounds good for recording. But do not drink just any kinds of water. Voice over talents and coaches recommend drinking lukewarm water before and during the recording sessions. Drinking cold water during your recording session will make your throat muscles contract and will cause vocal tension. Try to relax your vocal muscles as much as possible by drinking lukewarm water.


  1. Use the right kind of mic


Before the recording session, you, the producers, and the sound engineers would need to select the best kind of mic to suit your voice. Microphones come in different sizes and features and they record voice and sounds differently. You need to know what kind of mic would suit your voice and achieve the kind of sound quality that the project requires.


  1. Do a voice warm up


A voice warm up is needed to ensure that the recording is up to good start. A pre-recording recording is used to ensure that talent is singing and narrating in right modulation, ensure that technicals are just right and the sound quality is at its best.


  1. Re-read the scrip


A day before the actual recording, the voice over talent would need to ensure that he/she know the script like the back of his/her hand. Aside from remembering the script or the song, he/she knows the message of the manuscript or song he/she will sing or narrate.

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