Information about the different types of nurses

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In the medical community nurses are highly respected for the valuable role that they play. The healthcare field would be incomplete without their services. Given below is a list of the different nursing careers available these days:

Certified nurse assistant (CNA)

Also known as nurses’ aides, home health assistants and patient care technicians, there are number of health care fields in which CAN’s are employed. These are inclusive of hospitals, private homes, nursing homes and adult living homes etc. They are trained to perform several duties that include:

– Recording a patient’s pulse, temperature and respiration

– Helping patients bathe, eat and dress up

– Making beds and answering patients call bells

– Helping patients walk

– Maintaining cleanliness in the patients rooms

Apart from that they are also responsible for taking the patients to the exam rooms and help out with basic procedures.

Registered nurse (RN)

There are many different tasks performed by registered nurses in just about all areas of the healthcare profession. Their responsibilities are inclusive of performing certain medical procedures, administering medications, advising patients and supporting them, providing updates about a patient’s medical status to their family and monitoring vital signs etc.

Licensed vocational nurse (LVN)

These are basically home nurses in Dubai who perform a number of job functions, for instance their medical service includes treating bed sores, recording vitals, bandaging wounds and giving enemas. They are also responsible for providing assistance to the patients with dressing and bathing.

Critical care nurse

These nurses work with seriously ill and injured patients in the hospital. They are typically employed to work in the ICU or CCU. On the whole, their basic function is to look after patients who are receiving treatment for a number of life threating and serious illnesses.

Licensed practical nurse (LPN)

Licensed practical nurses acquire lesser training as compared to registered nurses. However, they are employed in all the different fields of healthcare in nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics. There are many different duties that they perform. These are inclusive of applying dressings, monitoring the overall condition of the patients under their care, recording vital signs and giving injections etc. Apart from that it is also their responsibility to help patients maintain their personal hygiene and make sure that all treatment reactions are reported. Go to website for more information in this regard.