Pros and cons of SMS marketing

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SMS marketing has made it extremely easy for businesses to communicate with their customers. All it takes these days for a business to reach out to its entire customer base is that of a single text message. The best part about this means of communication is that it is cost effective yet time saving at the same time. As a marketing tool SMS marketing in UAE has huge potential for growth through it businesses can send short messages of about 140 to 160 characters to their entire customer base. It is because of this ease of reach that SMS marketing has gained such immense popularity within the marketing field.

While SMS marketing is largely being adopted by businesses all over there are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Here’s a look into both:


1- SMS is one of the most commonly used communication means these days. Just about every single message that you send out to your customers is sure to be read. The best part is that you can personalize these text messages by addressing your customers by their first name, thereby making them feel special.

2- Sending out a bulk SMS in UAE is all that it takes now a days for businesses to reach out to their entire customer base. Unlike telemarketing SMS marketing has allowed businesses to communicate with larger databases of customers rather than contacting each customer personally. What this means is that a single message can be delivered to countless customers at a time.

3- As an instant mode of communication SMS marketing can help businesses save a lot of time and money at the same time.


1- Repeatedly sending out marketing SMS to customers can actually do more harm than good. Your messages might be considered as spam. In case your customers get irritated or frustrated there is a good chance that they will develop negative feelings towards your brand. If they continue developing such negative feelings towards you there is a good chance that they may opt out of receiving your messages and may even stop purchasing your brand.

2- Considering that SMS is limited to 160 characters it can become really hard to craft a meaningful message. Apart from that there is always the chance that any additional information that you send out in the form of hyperlinks may not be received by your customer’s phone, thereby making the entire message useless.